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New to yoga

Bikram Jóga Központ

In our studio you can choose from several yoga classes. There is no pre-registration and you can attend any class whether you’re an experienced yogi or just a beginner.

Bikram Yoga Központ opened in 2008 in the heart of downtown Budapest, at Astoria. The 125m2 spacious yoga room is filled up with sunshine and positive energy where we provide continuous fresh air ventilation for the most comfortable practice.

In the relaxing area, herbal tea is waiting to get you in a yoga mood and after class we offer fresh fruits to refresh and enjoy your serenity for a bit longer. In the changing rooms there are fully-equipped showers with amenities and hair dryers.

If you’d like to switch off your mind and sweat out all the stress, we are looking forward to seeing you soon in our studio.



New to yoga


Upcoming classes at the studio

Bikram yoga 90 minutes
Friday · 07:00 March 23.
Bikram yoga 90 minutes
Friday · 09:00 March 23.
Fusion Hot yoga 90 minutes
Friday · 15:30 March 23.
Bikram yoga 90 minutes
Friday · 17:30 March 23.
Bikram yoga 90 minutes
Saturday · 08:00 March 24.
Fusion Hot yoga 90 minutes
Saturday · 10:00 March 24.

Weekly schedule

Bikram yoga

Fountain of youth

This original 26 postures + 2 breathing exercises (a.k.a. 26 + 2), heals and rejuvenates the entire body, keeps the internal organs young and has an extraordinary detoxifying effect due to heavy sweating triggered by the heated room. Besides a stronger immune system, more active metabolism, firmer body and radiant skin, Bikram yoga calms the mind and helps you to be more focused in everyday life. The same postures are performed each time in the same sequence. This way you have the opportunity to watch your progress from class to class. And if you are ready to go further, Fusion hot yoga is waiting for you, where you can exercise twice as many postures in the same conditions.

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Bikram Express

Quick energy bomb

The 60-minute class is choreographed from the same postures as the 90-minute class, but with less rest between postures. As a result of the faster pace, there are increased cardio-vascular benefits, which help to create leaner muscle. During the 60-minute class our heart rate is elevated which burns more calories as our bodies are working harder to keep up with the respiratory process that sends oxygen to the muscles. It’s a perfect start if you are a beginner but can be great for busy students who want an effective and shorter yoga class with similar benefits to the 90-minutes class.

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Fusion Hot yoga

If you're in for some challenge

Fusion is the most intense yoga class we offer, combining the healing nature of yoga and the incredible body-forming effect of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), burning the maximum number of calories. The series of Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyása and Power yoga postures thematically strengthens the upper body, thighs and buttocks, increases stamina and improves metabolism. The deep stretching postures at the end of the class help improve flexibility and to relax and calm the mind.

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Yin yoga

Calm your mind, stretch your body

Yin Yoga is a highly meditative and tender class, yet extensively works the body both physically and energetically by stimulating and activating the meridians. Holding the asanas for longer time relieves tightness in your body and tension in your mind. It can be an excellent complement practice to a yang type Bikram or Fusion yoga, but it is perfect by itself to get in touch with yourself and find the harmony within your body, mind and soul.

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