Yoga etiquette

  • Every class starts on time. Please, don't be late.
  • Every class is 90 minutes long, try to stay in rhe room for the entire time.
  • If you feel it is necessary to leave the yoga room during class, please do it in the short breaks between each postures. Do not disturb your fellow yogis and yoginis.
  • Please, leave your cellphone in the changing room. During yoga, concentrate only on yourself!
  • Please, practice barefoot and leave your shoes in the locker.
  • All student must use slippers, mat and towels! Please, don't leave them in the yoga room.
  • Please, keep the door closed, if you enter or leave the yoga room.
  • Respect your fellow yogis! During meditation and final savasana, please don't talk and try to leave the room quietly.
  • Please, try to maintain cleanliness! Everybody's interest to practice in a clean and beautiful studio!
  • Respect your fellows who have sensitive noses, and please, refrain of using strong perfume or deodorant.
  • If you feel sick, please wait to return to your next class until you are fully recovered.