About Bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga practice is a demanding series of 26 postures (asanas) and 2 breathing excersises (pranayamas) which suitable for all ages and levels, first time students and experienced practitioners alike.

The asanas Bikram Choudhury selected and maintained order so that the posture - in addition beneficial effects - preparing the body, pre-stretching the muscles and ligaments for the following postures.

Every class is 90 minutes and practiced in a 38-40 °C heated room. At this temperature the muscles and ligaments are relaxed and more flexible, so the risk of injury is significantly reduced. The heat causes increased sweating, therefore selection of toxins is much more efficient.

During the 90-minute class, we train the whole body, the muscles and all internal organs get fresh, oxygenated blood.
But do not forget Bikram Yoga's positive effects on the mind and soul. By practicing yoga through self-restraint and patience, we learn to trust ourselves and others. Additionally, yoga developes concentration and last but not least, reduce the endemic of today's fast-paced world, stress.

During 90 minutes long Bikram yoga, we focus only on ourselves, observing the physical and mental reactions and this concentration helps to calm down our teeming mind.

For more information visit: www.bikramyoga.com