Welcome to Bikram Yoga Center's website!

Thank You for honoring us with your interest. For us, yoga is a way of life and we would like to show how much you can gain by participating. Yoga is a way - be it for health maintenance, healing, self-knowledge or even a harmonious life - unique for each of us, yet it gives something to everyone. Our aim is to give you something which accompanies your subsequent life. Something that gives you strength, energy and self-confidence. Something that not only trains your body, but strengthens your soul and calms your mind. Yoga in all forms is to give you mastery of yourself. If you're ready for this challenge, come and visit us!


... means: "I bow to the place in You where divinity dwells, which is of love, truth, light and peace. This place is in all of us and when we are in this place, we are One."